The Ethereum-based DeFi platform DeversiFi is raising strategic investments of USD 5 million

DeversiFi, a layer-two decentralized financial platform based on Ethereum, has received $ 5M in strategic investments from some of Crypto’s largest venture capital firms, sending a strong signal that demand for DeFi opportunities remains strong.

DeversiFi intends to make DeFi trading more accessible so that users can invest, trade and send tokens without having to pay gas fees. The platform announced its DVF governance token on March 25 with a firm offer of 100 million. The decentralized exchange was restarted in June 2020 as DeversiFi 2.0 with the strong kSTARK Layer-Two scaling technology.

Will Harborne, co-founder of DeversiFi, described the importance of scaling the second tier for Ethereum:

“Layer 2 scaling is critical to Ethereum’s roadmap. We’re creating a hub to invest, exchange, send, and lend tokens without the friction and cost of Layer 1. The more users on board, the more important it is to integrate with centralized exchanges in order to remove the barriers to access to L2 DeFi. ”

“DeversiFi brings a powerful DeFi trading experience to life without paying high gas fees,” said Santiago Santos, partner at ParaFi Capital. “Ethereum and DeFi completed broadband to broadband dial-up with L2s this year, and DeversiFi is at the forefront of that transition that will ultimately deliver on the promise of why DeFi will eat CeFi: faster, better, and cheaper.”

DeFi continues to attract large investment streams and users from around the world. The industry peaked earlier this month when the Total Value (TVL) set in the DeFi protocols topped $ 163 billion, according to industry data. At the time of publication, DeFi’s TVL was $ 143.5 billion.

The DeFi boom has continued even though the major crypto markets sold out over the weekend. At the time of writing, most major DeFi tokens had reported gains in the past 24 hours.