Fantom tests blockchain-based IT solutions in Uzbekistan

The Fantom Foundation has announced a joint venture with the AG Mentors Group, led by former Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Elyar Ganiev.

According to the announcement posted on the Fantom blog on Wednesday, the collaboration will use Fantom-based blockchain solutions to modernize the country’s IT infrastructure.

Fantom’s partnership with AG Mentors is at the heart of the Uzbek government’s digital transformation agenda. Back in 2020, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev presented a plan to use digital technologies to improve public services in the country, which was known as the “Digital Uzbekistan Strategy”.

Fantom will reportedly provide bespoke blockchain-based solutions in areas such as supply chain management, central bank digital currency and enterprise resource planning.

According to the announcement, the Fantom Foundation plans to draw on its experience of working with other governments in Central and South Asia.

In fact, as Cointelegraph previously reported, Fantom is currently involved in a public-private partnership agreement with the government of Tajikistan. Fantom’s activities in Tajikistan are also tailored to the IT sector, with an emphasis on advancing the modernization of the country.

In addition to the partnership with the Tajik government, Fantom also has cooperation projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Pakistan, Fantom is involved in developing blockchain-based solutions for the Punjab Prisons Department, while in Afghanistan the blockchain project is working with the Ministry of Health to use decentralized technology to combat the spread of counterfeit medicines.