Decentraland announces second tier MANA token transfers and plans a full migration

Just one day after two decentralized financial powers announced Layer Two integrations via the polygon sidechain, an important non-fungible token and gaming title followed today.

In a blog post this morning, the NFT-based virtual world and video game Decentraland announced a token bridge that would allow users to move native MANA tokens to Polygon and back. At the time of publication, MANA is the 80th token by market capitalization, increasing 3750% year over year to $ 1.01 per coin checko.

This is only the first step in a much larger migration as the project intends to enable all decentralized and dApps, including their builder and marketplace contracts, to conduct transactions on Polygon.

In addition to fast processing times, the integration also makes all transactions completely free of charge for users. While Polygon typically charges a transaction fee in fractions of a cent, Decentraland announced that they will also take advantage of metatransactions. This allows users to “claim, buy, sell and trade” wearables for their avatars entirely on Polygon with no transaction fees.

Finally, the integration allows users to purchase MANA tokens directly using credit and debit cards via a polygon integration with Crypto On / Offramp Transak.

The migration is another win for Polygon in a multi-horse race to provide scalability solutions for Ethereum’s chronic gas costs. Polygon – which was renamed by Matic, a former potential competitor of Ethereum, whose “sidechain” claim is somewhat strained – took particular advantage of the competition that fell asleep at the wheel, for example when the roll-up platform Optimism got its release at three Pushed back months.

Yesterday, Aave and Zapper announced both Polygon implementations, bringing the project two top 100 market cap gains in less than a week. However, there could be more competition in the Wars of Scale, as Starkware raised $ 75 million last week.